Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Angels Online Pets

Angels Online PetsThe pet system on Angels Online is pretty sophisticated. Pets can advance through 4 stages of growth, develop a relationship with their owner and fight along side its owner and need to be fed in order to keep the intimacy level up.

At first pets will start in their egg stage. In this stage pets can actually fight, but regardless of the type of pet all of its attacks will be the same. Upon reaching level 15, the egg will hatch and players will finally have their own pet with its own skills. Afterwards pets can advance at levels 35+ and 55+.

Players need to make sure they maintain a high intimacy with their pet, which increases when players summon their pet and keep feeding it whenever it gets hungry. Otherwise the pet may escape. Pets can also be traded between players, although the pet's level cannot exceed the owner's level. Also by using certain special items players can transfer the exp that is gained by the pet to their character.

More Information on the official website: http://ao.igg.com/guide/pets.php

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