Friday, 8 May 2015

Cyber Monster 2 Daily Log in Rewards

Cyber Monster 2 Daily Log in RewardsOn Cyber Monster 2, players will receive daily log-in rewards each time they log in for each of their characters. Also when players log in to their characters for a consecutively amount of days, they will gain better rewards based on how many days they've logged on in a row so far(The quality of the rewards doesn't increase and stays the same after day 7).

The daily rewards feature is reset every day at 00:00. Also players with kingdom rank or VIP will gain additional rewards. Players need to make sure they have sufficient bag space for the rewards and if they fail to log in for their daily reward, the consecutive days they've logged in so far is reset and they have to start at day 1 again.

Information on the rewards available on the Cyber Monster 2 Website:

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