Sunday, 10 May 2015

Cyber Monster 2 Guilds

Cyber Monster 2 Guild Farm
On Cyber Monster 2, players are eligible to create their own guilds at level 20 by paying 200k gold. When the guild is first created it starts at level 1, but after more members join, certain quests get completed as well as gold and elements are donated towards the guild, that level will increase(highest guild level is 10).
Guild leaders can assign up to two elders in the guild, who are second in command to the guild leader and have a lot of the functions a guild leader has, such as managing guild members and receiving extra rewards from events. Guild leaders can disband their guild at any point or transfer leadership to another player as well as accept guild quests.

A unique feature that comes with guilds on Cyber Monster 2 is the Guild Farm. This feature allows players to train their pets while offline by keeping them in the guild farm. Players just need to make sure there is a sufficient amount of pet food in the guild farm. As the food gets consumed by pets while players are offline, pet food costs 10 crystals, although players can obtain it for free once each day.

The amount of pets that can be placed in the guild farm, along with the amount of exp they get all depends on the level of the guild farm, as well as the type of technology the guild has researched.

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