Monday, 11 May 2015

Cyber Monster 2 Signet System

Cyber Monster 2 SignetsSignets are a special feature on Cyber Monster 2. Players can equip Signets for characters or pets. At first there are 4 signet slots, but more can be unlocked via Crystals (up to a maximum of 20 Signet Slots). There are 4 different quality types of signets: Green Signet, Blue Signet, Purple Signet and Golden Signet. The higher the quality of the signet the higher stats it will give.

There are various ways to obtain Signets, such as: synthesising them, collecting special signet boxes and by challenging the brave journey players can obtain red signet shards which can be redeemed at the redemption shop.

More Information on the different types of Signets and how to obtain them on the official website:

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