Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Cyber Monster 2 Wanted Event

Cyber Monster 2 Wanted EventDuring the Wanted Event players can obtain various rewards including: pets, items, medals, elements and gold. This event is available between 4-5pm from the events menu each day. The minimum level requirement for this event is level 40+. In this event players get the chance to capture other players that are listed as wanted in order to gain various rewards, which increase depending on the player's charges.

If the criminals on the wanted level don't get captured, they will keep all of the rewards (except for gold, elements and medals). After a player captured one of the criminal players, they will have a 10 minute cooldown before capturing another player. At the end of the event all players will gain some form of reward regardless of whether they captured anyone or not.

More Info available on the Cyber Monster 2 website:

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