Monday, 27 July 2015

Aura Kingdom Eidolons

Aura Kingdom EidolonsEidolons on Aura Kingdom are powerful heavenly beings that can be summoned in order to aid players. These Eidolons are all incredibly powerful and each come with their own unique set of skills and abilities. There are many Eidolons to choose from as well as a lot of features that come with them such as upgrading them, evolution and much more. Eidolons act as pets, mounts, companions and much more.

Players can change their Eidolon's name and help them grow. In order for Eidolons to level up, players can use crystals to increase an Eidolons exp and eventually level them up. Players need to interact with their Eidolons in order to replenish their energy. Eidolons can even obtain special items by linking to Gaia.

Players can also be fight certain powerful Eidolons in dungeons, quests, Guild challenges etc. In order to summon specific Eidolons players need to combine key fragments in order to reform an Eidolon key.

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