Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Cabal Online Guild PVP

Cabal Online Guild PVPIn order to start a guild battle between guilds on Cabal Online, one of the guild masters needs to type the name of the guild master of the guild that they wish to battle, as well as state the number of kills needed to conclude a victory. If the guild master who is challenged to guild battle accepts, the guild battle will start. The opposing guild members will have their names in red, indicating that they are hostile. There will also be a death gauge displayed above, which fills up as more of the opposing guild members are defeated.

As with dueling, this PVP feature offers no death penalty and players will be spawned to the nearest warp point if they are killed. At the end the winning guild who reaches the amount of kills required first will receive Honor points, which are determined by the amount of people who participated in the Guild PVP event.

More Details on how to engage in guild PVP here:

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