Saturday, 26 September 2015

Tales Runner Couple system

Tales Runner Couples
When players on Tales Runner choose to become a couple they will both be granted a couple ring each, which gets stored in 'my room'. Players who are a couple will gain bonuses exp and in-game currency(tr) when they both participate in the same races. There also aren't any gender restrictions when becoming a couple. The couple rings can be upgraded when a couple stays together for a certain amount of time, the rings can be upgraded many times, which in turn increases the bonuses they provide.

To become a couple, one of the players needs to purchase a 'New Couple Jewelry Case' from the cash shop and then speak to the Cupid Piero NPC in the Park in order to send the couple request to the other player. The other player needs to be online and not already be in a race to accept the request. If the other player accepts, the couple will be formed and the New Couple Jewelry Case will be replaced with new couple rings for each of the players.

Couples can create their own name and even change it if they wish to via use of a cash shop item. Either of the players can break the couple at any point by speaking to the Cupid Piero NPC.

Information on the different rings and the bonuses they give as well as additional info can be found on the Tales Runner wiki:

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