Sunday, 27 September 2015

Tales Runner Family System

Tales Runner FamilyPlayers who are already in a couple can become married and even proceed to have their own family by adopting other players into their family. In doing so, players will establish a family tree and will gain bonuses when racing with their family members. In order to start a family, players need to be a couple first and then get married.

To get married one of the players has to purchase a wedding bundle which lets them deploy an NPC at their farm. The couple getting married can then invite other players from their messenger to join the wedding ceremony. Marriage gives players access to various farm items and farm layouts. After the couple get married, they can adopt up to 3 children. A family Pledge is required to adopt someone, or for someone to be adopted.

Players can divorce at any time if they both agree to do so. Otherwise one of the player needs to purchase a cash shop item to divorce without the other player's consent. When doing so, all couple items disappear and all adoptions are broken.


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