Sunday, 27 September 2015

Tales Runner Farms

Tales Runner FarmFarms on Tales Runner are a player's private space that works almost as a housing system where players can place furniture and decorations but mainly it is used for plants animals and flowers, some of which grow as the players do more races and can eventually be harvested for in-game currency or cards that can be used in alchemy. Players can also show off their farms to other players, or put passwords on them and hold private events etc.

All players will have a farm of their own, and each farm can hold up to 20 people at a time and the farm owner gets to choose who can come to their farm by setting it as public, private or friends only. Also there are many ways for players to interact with farms, players can ride animals, shake trees, water plants etc. Players will also gain farm points for watering other player's farms or feeding their animals(no farm points are awarded for watering/feeding your own farm though). Farm Points can be used to purchase exclusive items as well as extend your farm.

To find out more about farming visit the Tales Runner wiki:

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