Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Warfare - Generals

Warfare Generals
The more unique feature on Warfare are the generals. Generals play a huge role in the game as they influence the combat ability of your troops. The rarity of the generals is indicated by their colours: Green, Blue, Purple, Orange and Gold. Green being the least rare while Gold is the most rare. There are multiple ways to obtain generals, players can search for one through normal/advanced recruitment options. In doing so there are three coloured orbs that will gradually fill up. Once one of the orbs is full players will be able to click them to obtain a general whose rarity will be the same as the colour of the orb.

Generals have passive bonuses which are called Talents that may include health regen, ability to attack twice, damage reduction and many others, some generals can even have multiple talents.
On top of that Generals also have Skills that can be used in battle. Skills can only be used when the general's morale is at 100. Skills vary between generals and can influence the battlefield greatly.

More Detailed Information on Generals can be found on the official website:

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