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Cabal Online Guilds

Cabal Online GuildsPlayers on Cabal Online can create a guild at one of the starting towns. The character requirements are level 40 or higher along with level 4 class rank or higher. The cost of making a guild is 10 million in-game currency. Guild masters can even change their name after 24 hours if they wish to.

Guild Groups

The guild management offers many different features and allows the guild master to create guild groups. Certain guild groups can be given privileges such as recruiting other members and other permissions. The guild master can name guild groups, transfer guild members between them or delete them. Up to 16 guild groups can exist at a time.

Guild Permissions

Depending on what permissions the guild master gives guild members the guild members can withdraw money from the guild warehouse, expel other guild members, edit notices, invite guild members, create/delete groups and withdraw items from the guild warehouse. In addition to these, the guild master has additional permissions such as disbanding the guild, changing the guild name, restricting access to the warehouse or transferring the guild leadership to another member.

Guild Level

All guilds start at guild level 1 and can be levelled up to a maximum of guild level 6 through acquiring guild score. Guild score is obtained whenever guild members gain AP, or through daily quests. The guild level determines the amount of maximum guild members, as well as the maximum guild warehouse spaces.

Guild Warehouse

The guild warehouse becomes available at guild level 2, players can access it from the Agent of Port Service NPC. Anyone can deposit money and items, although only the guild leader and guild members with special permission from the guild leader can withdraw from the warehouse. The warehouse automatically stacks items that can be stacked, and there is a usage history that keeps track of the last 100 guild warehouse transactions.

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