Monday, 12 October 2015

Conquer Online Clan system

Conquer Online Clan systemEach clan on Conquer Online consists of 6 core members and their spouses, which makes it 12. Clan members share a percentage of their battle power. Players who are level 50 or higher can pay 500,000 silver to the clan manager to create their own clan. The clan leader can then proceed to invite players to become clan members themselves or receive requests from other players to join their clan. Also whoever becomes their spouse will also become part of their clan unless the spouse is already in a clan.

The clan leader has many functions within the clan. He or She can release clan notices, kick out members, transfer clan leadership to other players and manage relations with other clans by adding enemy or ally clans(up to a maximum of 5 each). The clan can be upgraded up to level 5 via silver and battle points, which increases the battle power shared among the clan members. The clan leader and any of the members can leave the clan at any point.

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