Monday, 12 October 2015

Conquer Online Mentor and Apprentice system

Conquer Online Master and Apprentice systemThe Mentor and Apprentice system on Conquer Online allows higher level players to recruit apprentices and help them level up in exchange for rewards. When an apprentice kills monsters and gains experience, additional experience is awarded to the mentor. Additionally when an apprentice uses a pray stone, the mentor will gain some benefits from it too and finally when an apprentice obtains a +1 stone, the mentor gets 1 contribution point, upon reaching 100 contribution points the mentor will gain a +1 stone as well.

Apprentices gain bonus battle power while their mentor is online. Players can add mentors or apprentices from their friend list window. At any point the mentor or apprentice can cancel the relationship they share, although for apprentices it costs 50,000 silver to leave a mentor. The higher the mentor's level the more apprentices that mentor can have, also the apprentices have to be a certain amount of levels lower than the mentor.

Additionally players level 70+ who help lower level players train will gain virtue points, which are needed in order to take part in certain quests or obtain other rewards such as meteors and exp balls. Players who are level 90+ gain access to the enlightenment feature that lets them enlighten players at least 20 levels below them, giving them the ability to gain extra exp. Enlightenment points are gained through obtaining exp or using various exp items.

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