Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Conquer Online Mounts

Conquer Online MountsPayers on Conquer Online can gain steeds, which come with their own stats such as speed, vigor, physical attack, Hp, Lineage etc. Lineage increases your battle power for each Lineage level. At level 4 Lineage players can ride their steeds in cities, and in markets at level 6. The riding skill can be learnt from the Mount Trainer in Twin City. Also players can learn the spook skill from this NPC, which lets them dismount other players with lower Lineage levels than their own.

Player can also breed new mounts at the Steed Keeper NPC. As well as increase a mount's Lineage level by transferring it from another mount to their main mount. The Lineage level can go up to a maximum of level 11. To obtain a mount, players can either purchase one from the Mount Retailer in Twin City, or obtain it from a monster drop.

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