Friday, 13 November 2015

Conquer Online Arena PK

Conquer Online ArenaPlayers level 40 or higher can access the Arena feature on Conquer Online via the Arena Icon on the player's interface. Players participating in the Arena event will be matched with players who are closest to their Arena points. Players will have 5 minutes to beat their opponent, if there is no winner within 5 minutes then the player who lost the most life will be declared the loser. Winners will receive 3% of their opponent's Arena points.

Players will be rewarded with Honor points and exp balls by winning a certain amount of Arena battles each day, also depending on the player's Arena rank the player will get Honor points if they have a high enough rank. Honor points can be used to purchase rewards from the Honor store.

Players can even take part in the Arena with a team of friends via the team qualifier feature which is included in the Arena. The team qualifier is only available to players level 70+ and the team leaders need to sign up for it between certain times each day. The rules and rewards are the same as solo Arena with only a few minor differences.

More details on Arena here:
For more information on Team Qualifier matches visit:

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