Monday, 16 November 2015

Conquer Online Capture the Flag PK

Conquer Online Capture the FlagPlayers can take part in the Capture the Flag PK feature by visiting the guild controller in twin city. Players who participate in this feature will be fighting for their guild and will help boost their guild's reputation and Honor. When the event starts, there will be three unoccupied bases with flags, players can capture them and their guild will gain control of the base captured. There are flags scattered throughout the map and players need to bring them back to their base, if players are attacked by members of an opposing guild, they will drop the flag.

By bringing a flag back to their guild base, player will gain points for their guild. The guild with the most points will win the PK event. Players carrying a flag will be exposed on the map and attract unwanted attention, if players die during this event they will respawn in the safe zone. Players who kill flag carriers will also gain points for their guild. The top 8 guilds with the highest points will receive Silver and CPS as rewards.

More Information available on the official website:

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