Thursday, 26 November 2015

Crystal Saga Pets

Crystal Saga PetsAfter Reaching level 10 players can tame their first pet by purchasing a pet taming scroll from the miscellaneous item vendor and visiting Monster Island. Players won't always be successful when trying to tame a monster, but they can increase their chances by lowering its hp as much as possible before using the taming scroll on them. Players can only tame monsters that are of the same level as their character or lower and need to use a taming scroll of the correct level.

There are different types of pets that can be tamed such as baby pets, ordinary pets, morph pets and purchasable pets. Each type offers different kinds of benefits to the player. A player's pet can level up by being summoned and fight alongside the player. The Pet interface displays the pet's level, loyalty, class and gender. Whenever a pet dies its loyalty decreases, also a pet will gradually lose hp while it is summoned. Players can also change their pet's name from the pet interface.

Pets also come with many different stats such as hp, defense, balanced, absorb etc. These stats increase when the pet levels up.

More Information on Crystal Saga pets available here:

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