Wednesday, 30 December 2015

DDTank Fortification and Synthesis

DDTAnk Fortification and SynthesisFortification
This allows players to improve their items by increasing the stats they offer. Items can be Fortified up to 12 times. The higher the Fortification level, the higher the risk of the fortification failing. Players need energy stones and the right materials to perform Fortification, additional materials can be used to increase the success chance.

Synthetic System
This system lets players raise the attributes of items by 10-40 points. Depending on what items players use to synthesize equipment will determine which attributes are raised

Metallurgy System
This system allows players to smelt four items of the same type in order to obtain a higher level item of the same type. Items such as bracelets, rings, pears and energy stones can be smelted via the Metallurgy system to create a higher level item of the same type.

Decoration System
Items can be embedded with pearls in order to add bonuses to them. Items first need to be enhanced to certain levels in order for them to obtain slots for the pearls to be embedded in. Only the corresponding pearls can be placed into openings of the same type, also once a pearl is embedded it cannot be removed safely, only replaced and destroyed by embedding another pearl.

Handy Armory
This is a backpack players can access in order to perform quick synthesis and item enhancements from your character interface.

Attribute Transfer
This system allows players to transfer any additional attributes from equipment into other equipment. This process costs 10,000 gold and can only be performed on orange and purple gear.

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