Wednesday, 30 December 2015

DDTank League Feature(Guild system)

League systemLeagues are there to allow players to join their efforts as well as communicate in order to grow stronger together.

Creating a League
Players can create a League after reaching level 5 and paying 50,000 gold.

Joining a League
If players wish to join a League, they can do so from the League application interface or receive an invitation from a League.

League Shops
Each League has its own shop, which sells valuable items that increase max hp and offer other valuable bonuses, the level of the League determines the level of the League shop which in turn offers better items for sale at the shop.

League Armory
The League armory offers players an increased success rate in strenghtening and synthesizing. The success rate increases when players level up the armory, which requires players to level up the League itself and it will cost wealth and coins.

League Safe Box
By leveling up the League as well as spending wealth and coins players can increase the League's safe box size. Allowing for more items to be stored, initially there are 10 storage slots, but those can be increased up to 100.

League Fights
When a League reaches level 3 it can participate in League fights. This requires at least 2 League members to challenge another League to battle, the winning League will gain wealth as a reward.

League Quests
There are two types of League quests; common and daily. Common quests can only be done once and will offer players luxury items whereas daily quests can be done once every 24 hours.


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