Wednesday, 30 December 2015

DDTank Marriage System

DDTank Marriage SystemIn order for players to get Married on DDTank, one of the players first needs to purchase an engagement ring for 999 coins. If the proposal is accepted, both players will become engaged and will receive bonus exp when fighting alongside each other. Otherwise if the other player declines, the player proposing will receive a Nobility Certificate, which can be exchanged for a reward. When proposing, players can write a message of their choice to the person they are proposing.

When the two players choose to get Married, they need to hold a wedding at the wedding chapel. The cost of this depends on how long the players wish the ceremony to be, initially the cost is 2,000 coins for 2 hours and can last as long as 4 hours for 3,400 coins. When the wedding ceremony is finished, both players will receive a wedding ring in their mail box. The rings will give players high attribute bonuses.

If things don't work out and players want a divorce, it doesn't come cheap. One of the players needs to pay 5,214 coins to end the Marriage, although the players will get to keep the rings after the divorce.

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