Sunday, 6 December 2015

La Tale Crafting system

La Tale CraftingCrafting on La Tale requires materials in order to create rare and high quality items and equipment. The materials can be obtained through monster drops, NPC shops and Quest rewards. Players can choose only one crafting profession which includes: Alchemy, Armor, Accessory, Refining and Weapon. To pick a crafting profession players need to speak to the Bianca NPC located in Elias Premium Shop. Each profession requires recipes to craft items, recipes can be found in the player's crafting window.

If players fail to craft an item, they will still receive a small amount of crafting exp, but they will lose their base crafting materials they are using. When players receive a certain amount of crafting exp their crafting level will increase, allowing them to create better items as well as increase chances of success. Players can choose a new crafting profession by purchasing either a Astro craft Reset Book(saves your profession level) from the cash shop or a Crafting skill + Reset Book(resets your profession level) at a Tool shop.


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