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La Tale Guilds

La Tale GuildsGuilds on La Tale offer players the ability to create communities that work together and gain access to various quests, PVP events as well as stat boosts via guild buffs. When creating a guild, the guild leader can choose which type of guild they will have: Chaos, Neutral or Order, which determines the stats guild members will get and how the guild room will look.

Creating a Guild
to create a guild players require 10,000 Ely and a guild crystal that can either be purchased from the cash shop or obtained from a rare monster drop. There are three different types of guild crystals available, each determines the type of guild that will be created; neutral, chaos and order. Afterwards players need to speak to the Namgun NPC in Elias. The player creating the guild needs to come up with a guild title that isn't already in use and contains no more than 16 characters as well as create a guild emblem.

Members of the guild who are between ranks 1-5 can recruit other players, while rank 1-2 members can also kick other players out. Players can leave a guild if they wish, but if they are kicked out or leave a guild there is a 3 day waiting period before they can join any guild again. If the guild master wants to disband a guild then the guild has to have no other members inside the guild.

Guild levels
The guild can be levelled up from the guild room as soon as the level up conditions have been met. To level up the guild needs to have a certain amount of guild points and guild crystals. Guild points can be obtained through guild quests and events. There is a total of 12 guild levels, each level offers all guild members a permanent stat boost while they are members of the guild. Players will gain different bonuses depending on whether the guild is a Chaos, Order or Neutral type.

Guild Ranks
There are up to 6 guild ranks that players can be assigned to. Each one has access to different features and permissions within the guild such as: recruitment, change ranks, plant guild crop, kick members and change guild slogan

Guild Room
The guild room is a place for guild members to hang out as well as perform certain guild actions via the NPC shubur. Also there are many dungeons linked to the guild room that can be accessed from there. The guild room will look different depending on the type of guild the guild leader has chosen.

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