Sunday, 6 December 2015

La Tale Marriage

La Tale MarriagePlayers can choose to go on a date with someone by pressing the 'J' key and typing in the name of the person and submitting a date request. When a player and their partner are both in a group and killing monsters their love state will increase. As the love state increases the couple's Love Status increases, which gives the two players higher bonuses when they are both in the same group.

A player can choose to propose to that special someone and get married. First the player needs to obtain the item 'please accept my love' from Priest issac located at the wedding chapel for 10,000 Ely. Players need to speak to Janice NPC to travel to the wedding chapel. Afterwards the player can use the obtained item in the 'J' window to propose to their special someone.

If the other player accepts, then both players will be able to get married. First both players will need the wedding equipment available from the fashion shop. Afterwards speak to Issac to proceed with the ceremony. After the ceremony players who attended the wedding will receive a 30 minute exp buff after they defeat the goblin spawned at the end of the ceremony.


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