Sunday, 6 December 2015

La Tale Pets

La Tale PetsLa Tale Pets give players additional stats and have 3 stages of growth. There are normal pets and cash pets, both last 60 days until the pet is no longer usable and players need to use a Herb of Eternal Youth or Herb of Long Pet Life to give the pet an additional 30 days. Pets also come with skills such as auto pick up items dropped from the monsters that players kill.

Obtaining a Pet
There are two ways to obtain a pet, either by purchasing an egg for 100,000 Ely or by purchasing it from the cash shop via real money. Players can then equip the pet from the pet window located in the character's inventory.

Pet Leveling
While the pet is equipped it will gain experience from the monsters killed by the player, after it reaches 100% the player needs to purchase a level-up pill from Miro or Sero in order for the pet to level up. Players then need to access the level up option in the pet window and insert the level-up pill and the pet into the appropriate windows. After a pet reaches level 5 it will hatch from its egg form and into baby form and will eventually reach adult form.

Pet Enchanting
Players can give their pets additional stats by using Enchanting Jewels purchased from Miro or Sero. Different enchanting options become available depending on the pet's level.

For a detailed overview of the La Tale Pet system and a list of available pets visit:

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