Saturday, 19 December 2015

League of Angels Arena PVP

League of Angels ArenaThere are three different types of Arena modes on League of Angels: Domination, Solo Arena and Team Arena.

Solo Arena
In solo Arena players can face 5 opponents. The opponents refresh after a certain amount of hours, although players can use diamonds to refresh the opponents straight away. Players will only receive a certain amount of attempts to defeat the opponents each day. By defeating the opponents, players will receive Arena Emblems.

This arena mode is only available once every four days. Players need to manually join Domination via the main screen, although players in the top 8 of the solo Arena will be joined automatically. This feature allows players to place wagers on battle outcomes of the top 32 battles. Gem Chests and Warsouls are rewards to the top ranked players and winners in Domination. In addition the winners of Domination will receive a 'Domination Champion' title until the next Domination Arena begins.

Team Arena
In this Arena mode players fight in groups of 3 against 3 other players. Players can also choose a hero to fight alongside them, while the team leader can change the party member positions before battle. There is a limited amount of attempts for this Arena, although more attempts can be purchased with diamonds. Dragon Crests are the rewards for this Arena mode.

Players can then exchange all their Arena Emblems and Dragon Crests at the Arena shop in exchange for valuable rewards.


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