Saturday, 19 December 2015

League of Angels Artifact Workshop

League of Angels ArtifactThis feature opens up to players level 70+. It allows players to refine Angel Artifacts which boost the Angel's battle rating as well as gain Artifact skills. There are five different parts to the Artifact Workshop: Artifact Upgrade, Artifact Evolve, Burnish Artifact, Socket Artifact, Inherit Artifact.

Artifact Upgrade
This allows players to upgrade their Artifacts using an Artifact exp Card or by using other Artifacts, which will in turn boost the stats the Artifact provides.

Artifact Evolve
Players can then evolve Artifacts by consuming other Artifacts and Artifact essence.

Burnish Artifact
Burnishing Artifacts is only available on Artifacts with Gem Sockets. Burnishing upgrades the sockets by increasing the stats the players will receive from the gems that are inside the sockets by a certain percentage. Burnishing also has a chance of creating an Aura.

Socket Artifact
Here players can place gems into the socketing slots. The higher quality the Artifact, the more sockets it can have. Gems of the same type cannot be socketed into a single artifact. Also golden Artifacts can have up to 6 socketing slots.

Inherit Artifact
This allows players to transfer the level and exp of one Artifact to another. Players need to remove all gems when performing this process.

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