Tuesday, 15 December 2015

League of Angels Equipment Refining and the Jackpot system

League of Angels Equipment RefiningRefining allows players to change equipment stats and star level in order to boost the attribute bonuses. The level requirement for this feature is level 42. Players can obtain refining stones from the Jackpot system. The refining stones are the key ingredient for refinement. When players choose to refine a piece of equipment they will be presented with 5 new stat bonuses and they can choose to apply those bonus stats to replace the old ones or cancel if they don't like the new stats.

Players can even lock certain attributes they don't want to change during refinement, so that only the unwanted attributes are replaced. And they can even get Refinement combos which activates when the star level of each piece of equipment reaches a certain level.

The Jackpot system is like a slot machine, rewarding players when they match items of the same type in a row. Players require points to spin the wheel, points are give to players each day although more points can be obtained by using diamonds.

Source: http://angel.gtarcade.com/keyFeature/337.html

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