Saturday, 19 December 2015

League of Angels Forge

League of Angels ForgeThe Forge contains four different ways to improve equipment:

By enhancing equipment, players will boost already existing stats in exchange for gold, enhancements can be done multiple times but will cost more after each enhancement on that piece of equipment.

Players can choose from 11 Gems to insert into their equipment via the Socket feature, although only one of each type of gem can be placed into a single piece of equipment. Players can acquire socketing rods from gemology, which can be consumed in order to add additional sockets to a piece of equipment. Also players can choose to unsocket gems from a piece of equipment if they wish to reuse gems as gems don't get destroyed when removed from equipment.

Here players can craft Gems and various other items, however gems have a 25% chance of fail while all other items have a 100% success rate. Players can purchase synth scrolls from the in-game shop when crafting gems if they wish to have a 100% success rate when crafting them. The ingredients and gold requirement for all the gems and items will be displayed when trying to craft them.

The exchange system allows players to exchange gems into other gems of the same type, same goes for equipment, although players should keep in mind that when exchanging equipment they will receive the same level equipment as the one they wish to exchange, so for example a level 40 weapon will be exchanged for another level 40 weapon. Exchanging has a gold fee.

For more details on the Forge features visit the official website:

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