Saturday, 19 December 2015

League of Angels The Garden

League of Angels GardenThe Garden is a player owned area, where players themselves can grow various plants. Players first need to plant the seeds, then water them, wait a certain amount of time for the plants to grow and then finally harvest them in exchange for valuable rewards such as Warsouls, gold and exp.

If players choose to level up the World Tree, the wait time for their plants to grow reduces. In order for the World Tree to level up players and their friends need to bless it at their garden for it to gain exp and eventually level up.

Another pretty unusual feature that comes with the Garden is the Captive system that allows players to actually enslave other players in their gardens. To do so players need to select the player that is present in their garden, choose to enslave them and then defeat that player in battle. In doing so that player will be forced to work at the farm for a certain duration and give up their gold to the owner of the farm.


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