Saturday, 19 December 2015

League of Angels Guilds

League of Angels GuildsWhen players on League of Angels reach level 10 they can join a guild and once they become members of a guild they will be able to collect wages from it once per day. Players can also donate towards the guild in order to receive Honor badges, which can be exchanged for rewards at the guild shop. Donating to a guild increases the guild level, guild flag level and additional bonuses.

The guild level determines the amount of members each guild can have along with higher wages for guild members, guild flag level gives all guild members bonus stat boosts, while other bonuses offer additional benefits to guild members in certain events and features such as The Gauntlet, Gardens or the Wyrm Race.

Players can create their own guild by spending 50,000 gold. As guild leaders players will be in charge of setting announcements, promoting guild members and more.


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