Sunday, 6 December 2015

League of Angels Homestead and Child system

League of Angels HomesteadPlayers who reach level 43 gain access to the Homestead feature. This feature enables player to build and decorate their homes as well as invite other players to their home. The Homestead can be accessed via the portal located in the top right. Players can even have their own farm, participate in mining and logging at their homestead. Players can synthesize the materials they obtain via mining and logging to produce decorations for their homestead.

Players can bless the angel statue located at their homestead for various rewards or choose to pray at the statue in order to try and obtain a baby. The child will help boost the player's battle rating. Babies can earn exp by consuming food that is synthesized from the farm which allows them to be upgraded. Players can also complete various homestead quests. Synthesized materials can be exchanged between other players and if players wish to they can even choose to relocate their homestead to a different location for 20 Diamonds.

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