Thursday, 17 December 2015

League of Angels Marriage

League of Angels MarriageAt level 40 players have the choice to get married to their special someone. Unfortunately only heterosexual marriages are allowed, so if need be players can purchase a sex change card to change their gender. To get married players need at least 1999 intimacy points, have a set of wedding rings and have added each other to their friends list.

Before getting married the two players need to accumulate at least 1999 intimacy points. They can do so by becoming friends and performing certain tasks such as: Clearing dungeons together, Blessing each others trees, killing bugs and more. A total of 200 intimacy points can be obtained each day.

Players can propose from the marriage window located in the character window. Players can spend diamonds to announce their proposal across the entire server. Once the other player accepts the proposal they will receive one of the wedding rings and both players will become husband and wife. Players will also gain access to the marriage window, here they can consume love crystals to raise their affection, which in turn raises their resistances.  Love crystals can be obtained from confetti at weddings or from wedding garb chests at the shop.
League of Angels Wedding

Between 10-11 couples can hold a wedding after the proposal. There are three different types of weddings that players can host, each one offers different rewards. The wedding lasts 20 minutes. If the guests offer their blessings to the married couple they will increase the couple's passion. If the couple accumulates a certain amount of passion they will receive special flairs. Passion also increases when the couple give out confetti to the guests as well as when the guests light fireworks. The more passion the couple receives, the better rewards the guests will receive too.

If things aren't working out the couple can divorce. There are three different ways to divorce your spouse. First if the spouse agrees to the divorce there won't be a penalty and the couple will break up. Second if your spouse doesn't log in for 10 or more days you can divorce them without any penalty as well. However if you wish to divorce someone without their consent and they are still active, you will have to pay 1000 diamonds.

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