Tuesday, 15 December 2015

League of Angels Runes

League of Angels RunesThe Rune system is unlocked at level 50. There are six different types of runes, each one represents a piece of equipment. Some runes will be unlocked automatically, while others will be unlocked after players meet certain requirements. The bonuses runes give will go to the corresponding piece of gear that players are wearing. There are 10 different ranks for each rune, and each rank consists of 10 levels in order to reach the next rank.

Players can upgrade runes by using runestones, in doing so a random rune will gain experience and after reaching a certain amount it will level up. Depending on the level and rank of a rune, it will increase the bonuses of its corresponding equipment by a certain percentage. After runes reach a certain level players will gain rune skills that boost various resistances of their angels. Players can even do a rune swap, which will swap the experience and levels of the two runes being swapped.

For more information on runes visit: http://angel.gtarcade.com/keyFeature/439.html

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