Thursday, 17 December 2015

League of Angels Twilight Clash (PVP Capture the Flag)

League of Angels Twilight ClashThis event allows two guilds to fight for control of a territory. Guilds leaders or guild deputy leaders need to sign up for this event before 21:00 and guilds with similar battle ratings will be matched against each other to battle it out. There are different types of territories that guilds can choose to battle it out in. The better the territory the higher quality rewards the winners will get.

Guild members need to bid money on the territory they wish to take control of. The top 2 bidding guilds will be chosen to fight for the territory, unfortunately all other guilds that bid will simply lose the gold they bid.

When the battle for the territory begins, flags will spawn in three locations. These flags need to be captured and returned to the guild's base in order to gain points. The guild with the most points wins the event.

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