Monday, 21 December 2015

Lunaria Story Battle of Might(PVP)

Battle of Might Lunaria StoryBattle of Might is a PVP event available to players level 40+ and is available every day at 19:30. During the event players will be separated into three teams: blue, red and yellow. During this event players won't be able to use potions but they can restore HP and MP by catching chickens during the event. Players can obtain various titles and bonuses by getting kill streaks against opposing enemy teams.

When participating in this event players will gain points by either ending an enemy player's kill streak (the higher the kill streak the more points you gain), 50 points are awarded for just killing an enemy and even upon death players will get 10 points.

Top 10 players from each team will receive additional rewards, the other players will still receive some rewards based on their rank although they need to accumulate over 100 points.

For more information on rewards and points awarded for kill streaks visit:

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