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Lunaria Story Dungeon Instances

Lunaria Story Dungeon InstancesThere are many daily instances on Lunaria Story:

Shark's Lair
In this instance two players will face off against the bosses Glacius and Pyros. The levels of the monsters in this instance will be balanced based on the player levels. The rewards for the Shark's Lair include silver, prestige and exp. Heroic mode is available for this instance.

Demon Tower Defense
This instance involves up to 5 players in a tower fending off waves of monsters. The monsters will also be balanced based on the levels of the players and there is a heroic mode. Rewards include gems and exp.

Romantic Interlude
This is a 2 player instance for players that are of the opposite gender. The rewards will include silver, exp and gems. Married couples will benefit more from this feature.

Combo King
Players can clear this instance once per day and attempt to get high combos while participating in it.

Goddess Defense
This instance involves fighting back monsters and defending the Goddess statue against waves of monsters in exchange for exp and gems as rewards.

World Boss
Players can attempt to defeat the Sea Demon King between 10:30-11:30 and 16:30-17:30 in exchange for Prestige and exp.

Field Bosses
Multiple times per day players can challenge The Angry Sea God and Spirit Protector Ape in exchange for unique gems as rewards for defeating them.

Battle of Might
Every day at 7:30-8:00 players can join the Battle of Might. Players will be separated into three groups and battle it out for items and points.

Star Palace Ruins
By clearing this dungeon players can obtain exp and Star Spirit that is used for Astrology in order to boost character stats.

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