Monday, 21 December 2015

Lunaria Story Gems

Lunaria Story GemsGems play a significant role on Lunaria Story as they provide players with bonuses and players can embed up to 5 gems into their equipment.

Gem Synthesis
This requires players to use 4 lower level gems to power up a higher level gem, which will result in the higher gem obtaining the attributes from 3 of the 4 gems used. Gem Synthesis has a 100% success rate and the higher the gem level the more gold it will cost to Synthesise it.

This will allow players to embed gems into equipment, allowing up to 5 gems to be embedded into a single piece of equipment. Although players should keep in mind that certain gems can only be embedded into certain pieces of equipment.

Each piece of equipment can only have a certain type of gem embedded to it, and if players wish to they can safely remove gems from equipment for reuse.

Mystery Shop
This shop allows players to purchase gems, the gems available at the shop refresh every 30 minutes. Here players can purchase rare and high level gems.


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