Thursday, 24 December 2015

Lunaria Story Pets

Lunaria Story PetsPets increase a character's stats when summoned. Players can own multiple pets, each one offering different bonuses. Players need to make sure their pets are well fed, otherwise their happiness will decrease which can result in the owner not being able to summon them at all.

Players can also increase a pet's growth attributes once per day, and if players wish to they can use gold or items in order to further boost a pet's growth. Pet growth attributes help boost the player's basic stats such as Strength, Stamina, Agility, and Wisdom. Similarly a pet's Potential can be increased three times per day and can further be boosted with items or gold, Potential boosts Dodge, Critical Strike, Shield and Critical Damage.

Pets can obtain two types of skills; normal and talent skills. The Talent skills can be learnt by trading prestige, talent stones and talent manuals from the character panel. Pets can only have one talent skill at a time. Normal skills can be learnt from manuals or be purchased from the shop, initially pets start off with two normal skill slots that allow a skill to be equipped in each one, although players can unlock more pet skill slots by increasing the pet's potential.

Finally players can even merge their pets together in order to try and combine the best attributes from each pet in order to make a more powerful pet. Players can even choose what the pet will look like afterwards.

More details on pets available on the website:

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