Monday, 21 December 2015

Lunaria Story Romantic Interlude

This is an instance feature for male and female couples where they will receive powerful buffs and valuable rewards. Both members must be at least level 45 and be of opposite genders. There is a total of 5 waves of monsters, each one containing 20 monsters, and once all of those are cleared the boss will spawn. The big twist of this instance is that when a player attacks a monster of the same sex, they will only do 1 damage to it, otherwise it will do normal damage to monsters of the opposite sex.

The boss will require some tactics as it will keep changing genders throughout the course of the battle, each time the boss changes genders, the players will need to adapt different tactics. Throughout the instance players can gain gems from monster drops as well as large amounts of exp and silver at the end of the instance. Married couples get bonus rewards from this instance.


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