Saturday, 19 December 2015

Lunaria Story Seals

Lunaria Story SealsPlayers can start using Seals at level 45+. Seals offer players additional attributes and there are different quality seals. The Seal menu can be opened from the bottom right of the screen. Seals are produced from activated monsters, higher level monsters produce higher quality Seals. Players can sell Seals in exchange for Seal points, which can then be used to create Legendary Seals. Players will receive two Seal slots at level 45, and additional Seal slots every 5 levels after that.

Players can combine seals together by dragging one seal to another. In doing so the main seal will obtain exp and once it receives enough exp it will level up and offer even more bonus attributes. Player can even combine several Seals at a time, in which case the highest level seal will consume all the other seals.

More information on Seals abailable on the official website:

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