Sunday, 27 December 2015

Pockie Pirates Advanced Hunting PVP

Pockie Pirates Advanced Hunting IslandAdvanced hunting is a 1 hour long event that starts at a 10am and 7pm and will give players the chance to obtain EXP and rare beasts(which will boost the player's bounty). When players enter the Advanced Hunting Island they have to face off against other players in order to gain rights to hunt for the rewards. Players will be split into two groups; Attackers and Defenders, and will have to face off against each other with the winner gaining rights to hunt on the island.

The winners will then be placed on the defensive team, which is the team that is allowed to search the island for EXP bags and wild beasts. They will then need to defend their title against new challengers until they lose and in turn lose the right to hunt, allowing the challengers to become the new defensive team.


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