Friday, 25 December 2015

Pockie Pirates Guardian Beast

Pockie Pirates Guardian BeastsGuardian Beasts Become available at level 30, players will receive a Guardian Egg which will fight for players automatically. The egg will start at level 1, offering players minor attribute bonuses. In order to increase its level, players need to feed it with gear items or go to Adventure Park to gain exp which will eventually lead the Guardian Egg to level up. After the egg reaches level 20 it can be hatched into a Guardian Beast.

Whenever players are attacked by enemies the Guardian Beast will gain rage, which can accumulate up to 100 and will then trigger a Guardian Skill. Guardian Beasts can have up to 1 active and 4 passive skills available at a time. Skill books and Skill Upgrade books for Guardian Beasts can be obtained from Adventure Park rewards.

In order to increase a Guardians Beast's level players need to take it on adventures to various islands via the Adventure Island system. Adventures will cost silver and will give exp to the guardian as a reward. After the Guardian Beast reaches level 60 it needs to be evolved to the next stage.

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