Saturday, 26 December 2015

Pockie Pirates One Piece Competition(PVP)

Pockie Pirates one piece competitionOne Piece Competition is a PVP tournament between players who register for the event. First players will go through elimination rounds with winners entering the next round and losers getting eliminated. The top 16 players will enter the knockout round where players who win 2 out of 3 games first against their opponent will proceed to the next round and this will continue until there is only one player left.

All players who participate in the Competition will receive silver, and players will receive silver based on how far into the competition players get. The number one player will become the champion and will receive 1 million silver, level 3 shell chest, 10,000 Bounty, Warship Upgrade Card *10, Advanced Call-up*10m and Training Potion*20.

Each match will be 1v1 and the rewards they receive from this Competition can be claimed at the end.

For more details on the Competition visit:

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