Sunday, 27 December 2015

S4 League Enchanting system

S4 League Enchant systemThere are two options of Enchanting equipment on S4 League. First is the yellow option which allows players to insert eSper chips into equipment to give it additional stat bonuses. Only one eSper chip can be used on a piece of equipment. Players can obtain eSpers through events and if they use an eSper on a piece of equipment that already has one, that eSper will be replaced with the new one.

Second is the blue option which requires players to fill up the mastery gauge of the equipment players want to enchant by wearing it during matches. Once the gauge is full players can upgrade the piece of equipment by 1 rank, giving it additional stats. There is a total of 20 ranks players can upgrade equipment by and the stats equipment will receive will be random.

As the enchant rank goes up the chance of it flailing does as well, failing won't result in players losing their items but it will revert that item's rank back to 0. GC items can be used in order to increase the chance of successful enchants. Players can even get lucky and gain two ranks in one go via the "Lucky Jackpot" proc.

For more details on different bonuses players can gain via enchanting visit:

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