Monday, 28 December 2015

S4 League Game Modes

S4 League Game ModesThere are many different types of game modes that players can participate in on S4 League.

Battle Royal
This is a fight for all mode where every player is for him/her self. Players can set the rules for this match such as the time limit or weapon restrictions

Here players will be paired into two groups and will receive points for defeating the opposing team members. Players will also have the option to set the rules for the match.

In this mode two groups of players will fight off against each other and each player will have a crown. Once a player dies that player will lose their crown and will play on as normal. The team with the last remaining player with a crown will win the round.

Touchdown requires players to work in teams and obtain the "Fumbi" which is a ball located in between the two teams at the centre of the map. Each team needs to steal the ball and run with it into the enemy base in order to score a point for their team, the player who takes the ball can't attack and needs to run to the enemy base, while the opposing team needs to kill that player and return the ball back to the centre.

This mode makes one random player the Chaser, meaning that player will have extremely high endurance and attack. While the other players have to either survive the 1-2 minutes or defeat the chaser which is a much harder alternative. If the chaser beats all the players within the time limit the chaser will gain points, otherwise if the chaser is defeated or fails to kill all the players then the remaining players will gain points.

This is a "king of the hill" type game mode, where players are required to take control of zones across the map and defend them in order to generate points for their team. The team with the most points at the end wins.

Arcade Modes
These modes are non PVP modes that require players to fight against NPCs to complete them, these modes include:
  • Scenario Arcade:  In this mode players can team up in groups of up to 3 and fight against waves of enemies to learn the story behind the game.
  • Mission Arcade: This mode is a solo mode where players need to kill as many monsters as they can in the shortest amount of time, players can then compare scores with one another in the rankings.
  • Conquest: This mode works as a tower defense game where waves of monsters attempt to destroy the player base, while players need to team up and stop them. If the base reaches 0 hp then the game is over. 


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