Sunday, 17 January 2016

Audition Online Game Modes

Audition Online Game ModesThere are many different Game Modes on Audition Online that players can choose to participate in. Players can either choose to play with 4 keys or 8 keys with 8key gameplay being a lot more difficult and 4key is more for beginners.

Practice Mode
Here players can practice both 4-key and 8key gameplay.

Normal Individual Mode
This is a free for all Mode where players can dance off against up to 6 other players.

Freestyle Battle Mode
Here player will compete against up to 6 players and are able to incorporate their own moves as well as toggle between 4keys and 8keys.

Choreography Mode 4key and 8key
In this Mode players need to sync their steps to the beat, here players can perform finishing moves and various combos

Dynamic Mode 4key and 8key
In this Mode players will work as a group but they will also have individual spotlights where they will be required to perform complex freestyle dance moves.

Normal Group Mode
Same as normal Mode but when individual players miss a note it will affect their whole team.

Choreography Group Mode 4key and 8key
Same as normal Choreography Mode except missing a note will affect the whole team.

B-Boy Battle Mode
Players will be separated into two groups and will battle against each other in a freestyle battle where they can perform all kinds of freestyle moves.

Couple Mode
Here players will be separated into couples (male and female) and will have to compete against other couples to win.

Dynamic Group Mode
Same as the solo Mode but the whole team is penalised if a player fails a note.

Night Club Mode
Same as B-Boy Battle but the stage and atmosphere is made to resemble a club.

Battle Party Mode
A group of players will be able to challenge NPCs in order to gain beats.

One-Two Battle Mode
Another Mode where players can battle NPCs.

Beat Up Mode
In this Mode players will be presented with a unique key interface and will even have to use the space bar.

Club Dance Mode
This Mode requires 3 males and 3 females to participate, throughout the dance the 6 players will be paired into couples and the best couple wins.

Story Mode
Players level 6 or over can participate in the story Mode where they will go through dialogues with NPCs and win beats.


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