Sunday, 17 January 2016

Cosmic Break Robot Customisation

Cosmic Break Robot CustomisationPlayers can customise their robots at the garage, allowing players to upgrade various parts and add abilities that can be used during combat.

Custom Cartridges
When a Player's Robot gains a certain amount of exp they can level up and activate a Cartridge of the player's choice. Cartridges offer many different bonuses such as health regen.

Wonder Bits
These are special parts that aid players during battle such as additional firepower or the ability to deploy turrets. All players have a Wonder Bit gauge which will fill up over time, when full it will turn orange and it will allow players to use the Wonder Bit they have equipped their Robot with. Depending on the type of Wonder Bit, the Wonder Bit gauge will fill up based on certain actions such as dealing and receiving damage or some fill up automatically.

Tune Up
Tune Up allows players to upgrade certain parts of their Robots. This is done by using various materials obtained from participating in different game modes. The better the tune up the higher chance there is for it to fail. Players can perform Tune Up up to three times on a single part and various items can be used to increase the chances of a successful tune up.

Tune Up:
Winder Bits:
Custom Cartriges:

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