Sunday, 17 January 2016

Cosmic Break Robots

Cosmic Break RobotsRobots on Cosmic Break come in different types and sizes, these help determine the role of the robot and help suit a player's play style.

Land Type
These Robots specialise in speed and their use in powerful weapons, they use speed to their advantage.

Air Type
These Robots can stay airborne much longer than other Robots and they specialise in using beam weapons.

Artillery Type
Specialise in long range and heavy weapons, able to use many different types of weapons including missiles and explosives.

Support Type
Although lacking in power, these Robots can repair allies as well as inflict various negative status effects on their enemies.

S Size Robots
These have high maneuverability, although they can't equip powerful heavy weapons.

M Size Robots
Are the most balanced type, allowing them to have reasonable maneuverability and ability to use various weapon types

L Size Robots
These robots have bonus HP and can use large and powerful weapons


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