Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Digimon Masters Digimon

Digimon Masters DigimonPlayers take the role of Tamers and they get to form bonds with Digimon and utilize their powers and abilities to fight monsters. Players can have up to three Digimon, including the starting Digimon they choose at the start which can never be replaced. Each Digimon has its own AI and can undergo Digivolution which boosts their stats, grants them new abilities and changes their appearance.

Digimon start out as Egga, then carry on to become baby Digimon, in-Training, Rookie, Champion, Ultimate and Mega Form. To progress through these stages Digimon require data, which is obtained by battling other Digimon. Certain Digimon can even go a step past Mega and become Burst Mode.

Mercenary Digimon can either be obtained by hatching DigiEggs, quests, dropped by wild Digimon or performing limited events. Players can only store one mercenary Digimon but they can purchase additional slots from the cash shop. Wild Digimon are the ones players battle against, these Digimon drops DigiEggs which can contain supplies and resources.

Source: http://dmowiki.com/Digimon

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